SECA level 1: Foundation
This category is for candidates in grades 5/6 and those in secondary school– year 7 to year 12. Candidates who have left secondary school can sit SECA level 1 upon presenting a O’level certificate with a minimum of a credit in English language.

SECA Level 2: Intermediate
A candidate with SECA Level 1 certificate can sit SECA level 2 examination. A degree holder in English language can sit SECA level 2 examination skipping level 1.

SECA Level 3: Advanced
This level is for candidates who have successfully completed SECA level 2.


What is SECA? SECA stands for Spoken English
Certification Assessment.

Who is behind SECA? SECA is jointly administered by
two organizations:

  • Zurich
    Elite Business School in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • The
    Institute of Certified Communicators, Nigeria.

Who is the SECA Examiner? The examiner for SECA is
the Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) in Nigeria.

Who is the SECA Certifier? Zurich Elite Business
School (ZEBS) in Switzerland serves as the certifier for SECA.

How many Levels does SECA have? SECA offers a
three-level certification:

  • Level
    1: Foundation.
  • Level
    2: Intermediate.
  • Level
    3: Advanced.

Can I skip SECA Level 1 for Level 2? Yes, you can skip SECA Level 1 if you have a degree in English.

Can I skip SECA Levels 1 and 2 for SECA Level 3? No, you can only skip the foundation level, which is SECA Level 1.

What does it mean to have a SECA Level 3 certification?
SECA Level 3 is the advanced level. It qualifies you to become a professional communicator after 3 years of practice.

Who can register for SECA? You can register for SECA if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Private candidates with a minimum of an O’level C in English language.
  • Pupils in primary 5/6.
  • Students in Junior Secondary School 3 (year 9).
  • Students in Senior Secondary School 3 (year 12).

How much is the SECA exam fee? The SECA exam fee is 50 US dollars.

How do I prepare for the exam? After registration, you will receive relevant course materials to help you prepare.

Is there a registration fee? Yes, there is a registration fee of 10 dollars, which applies only to private candidates and covers the SECA syllabus and course materials.

Where can I sit the exam? You can choose your desired venue for the exam once there are at least 20 candidates indicating the same venue.

Are course materials available for exam preparation?
Yes, course materials are provided to help you prepare for the examination.

What are the benefits of holding a SECA certificate?
Having a SECA certificate offers several advantages:

  • It distinguishes you among your peers.
  • It enhances your competitive edge.
  • SECA validates your spoken English competence, making you eligible for positions where spoken English is a prerequisite.
  • It improves your prospects for international travel and job opportunities abroad.

Will a SECA certificate qualify me for a job? Yes, it can qualify you for jobs where spoken English is of primary importance or gives you a significant advantage.

Do you have online courses for SECA examination candidates? 

Yes, we do.

How long do the courses last?

SECA level 1 course lasts for 6 weeks.

How much is the cost of the 6 weeks course? 

It’s 25 dollars only.

How do I schedule my 6 weeks course?

Call Joy, +2348037461115 or Tega, +2348057217277.

Will SECA Certification enhance my admission
opportunities into tertiary institutions?
Yes, SECA certification can enhance your admission opportunities into tertiary institutions, but it is not a replacement for the basic admission requirements.