About ICCOM(Institute of Certified Communicators)

The Institute of Certified Communicators with Speak Right Africa Academy offers you the best options available in the speech and presentation industry. We do more. We combine mentoring of learners with accreditation of teachers.  

How ICCOM Courses Run

All of ICCOM’s(Institute of Certified Communicators) courses are 100% practical classes where only listening and speaking is done. There is absolutely no form of writing during the classes. Learners, however, write at home as they engage in the take-home exercises. Learners, in some cases, learn by listening, and practice as they speak when making presentations at the general assembly or when having group discussions in their classrooms.

We all know that through presentations one can pass any information to an audience. Here, in the class, the audience are members of the entire class or a group, and the information disseminated in the speech class include topics in phonics, phonetics, grammar, common errors in English, reading and African values.  All presentations are made by learners themselves. 

What We Do

ICCOM trains and accredits educators nominated by you to function as speech coordinators and presentation moderators in your school. The accreditation programme runs for one or two days; and expires over a period of time after which it may be renewed. In addition, if your school is a college, all your English language teachers will be inducted and accredited by ICCOM before activities begin in your school.

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